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Traveling guideline

[Urals National Park] Urals National Forest Park is located in the middle of the Urals in the middle of the Bayannur, its a national natural secondary forest reserve area, 2322 meters altitude. Wulashan National Forest Park is rich in animal and plant resources, the main species are Pinus tabulae formins, platycladus orientalis, Betula platy psylla, cypress, etc., the core area of large birch forest coverage rate of 67% or more. Urals forest has a birch forest, streams gurgling, strong rocks, terrain, especially the each summer, the average temperature at 12 ℃ -15 ℃, is a great place to escape the heat, leisure, sightseeing, and tourism 


[Mirror Lake] Mirror Lake eco-tourism area is located in the northern suburb of Bayannur City, 9 km from the urban area, Linhe area is the only integrated eco-tourism area combined tourism, vacation, entertainment. Southern Jinghu ecological tourism tourist is the green grassland, the west part is the rolling desert, the north is endless farmland, eight hundred acres of water inlaid it, reflecting trees, reed grass, the ecological environment remains intact. The playground has been completed, Hetao ecological park, animal farms and so on. The main recreational facilities are playground, Knights Paradise, Fishing Islands, Fishing Bay, Shajiabin, water park, picnic island and so on. Jinghu eco-tourism area was rated as the national 2A level scenic spots.     



[Populus euphratica forestof Ejinaqi] Ejina Autonomous District is located in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Alaša ayimaγ Ejinaqi League, outside the Badain Jaran Desert Both sides of the Ejina River distributed Chinas most spectacular Populus euphratica. The total area of 5636 hectares, combined with desert, Gobi, grassland, lakes, Populus forest in one, with a magical natural landscape and unique cultural landscape, called the desert of a green pearl. Every year in September and October, after autumn frost, large leaves of poplar leaves from green to yellow, looking at the sun under the golden leaves lined with blue sky in the wind whirling, that strong contrast, distinctive tones, bright colors, made language seems pale and weak.

Food Guidance

[Bayenaoer League Braised dishes] in the western part of Inner Mongolia, everybody knows the big name of Braised dishes of bayenaoer League, its one of the most popular dishes. In the northwest region of Hohhot, is a long history of fertile river sets of plans, gave birth to the Hetao Laojiao and Hetao Flours and other well-known brands, the legend here is the home of the Lu Bu of three countries dynasty, according to research beautiful Diaochan is from Shaanxi Mizhi, all of the above places are located in the northwest of our country, it is not difficult to understand why they feel like old friends at the first meeting, without regional barriers, language communication is not difficult. 

      In the western part of Inner Mongolia, the winter is dry and cold, Braised dishes of bayenaoerLeague has a rich soup, ingredients are very tasty, so it goes with rice, very popular with the people of the West, travelers passed by, is also well impressed by the taste.

[Braised String Bean with Noodle] is a traditional pasta in central and northern China. The Han people in the area of the Bayenaoer Hetao are mainly immigrants from Shanxi, Shaanxi and Hebei. After the formation of a unique taste. In the area of bayenaoer, every family loves stewed noodle, knows how to cook stew noodles, there is a variety kinds of stew noodle, but still the best of the in bayenaoer League. People always said that the stew noodle is a lazy dish, no matter how it will be delicious, especially for the office workers to cook during the lunch, it will save time and effort. Eat stew noodle, people will be more resistant to hunger.

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